Elegant Magazine: The Chakra Dyes


Smudged Prntz Photography was honored to be published in the November 2013 issue of Elegant Magazine.  Our featured spread was titled “The Chakra Dyes” and it was a great collaboration with an amazing Atlanta based model Vic Park.  Although we can get extreme with hair and makeup, we decided to keep the transavantgarde imagery minimalistic to not distract from the model’s beauty.

The name of the spread was inspired by our own Chakra systems.  Each Chakra in our body represents an energy point and has a symbol and a color assigned to it.  The cracked makeup on the model’s face was intended to represent the chakra energy colors breaking through the physical body because the energy perceived is so massive and bright.  We aimed to capture the actual balancing of the Chakras from our creative perspective.


We shot this using a Nikon D5100 with a focal length of 40 mm using a 55 mm lens.  The aperture was set to f/6.3, exposure was set to 1/200 and the ISO was 800 with a center-weighted metering mode.  If you are attempting to recreate this setup using these settings, keep in mind that the Nikon D5100 was created to handle high ISOs without creating grain.  

Most Canon bodies do not do well with high ISOs so you must make your adjustmeRBell8cwebnts accordingly.  For lighting we used directional lighting with strobes and gels to add the color effect.  We did airbrush the model’s skin but the, for the lighting effects, we simply adjusted the exposure and made some minor adjustments to the levels.



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