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I have NOT enough words to describe the experience of working with Smudged Prntz Photography…and good words, that is!

I was looking for a different and modern concept to revamp  the pictures on my website.  Something that wasn’t the same old traditional headshot, but nothing too crazy, as my line of work tends more towards the conservative kind of person.

Looking around Yelp I found Smudged Prntz Photography…and let me tell you, it was THE BEST thing that could have happened to me!  Re’Nauta and Chris are so professional, warm, approachable and affordable. The whole experience went without a problem.

Concept was discussed, heard, and PERFECTLY translated into the most amazing photos I’ve ever had taken and produced for my small business. They show so many emotions…they capture ME, my PASSION, and the MESSAGE that I want to send to my current and future clients.

Even though their studio is more than 25 miles away from me, I will book them again and again without hesitation. They made me feel at ease, we had a great time (lots of laughter during the session), and the proofs were ready relatively fast.  Everything is done via Internet (the selection of the proofs, and any instructions that you may have for them), which makes things so convenient.

The final product left me breathless… I could not believe they were able to capture my idea in such beautiful way. PHENOMENAL, FANTASTIC, BEAUTIFUL, ARTISTIC, PROFESSIONAL, WORTH IT… I have many more words like this to describe hiring and working with Smudged Prntz!  They definitely think out of the box, and create amazing images.  Do I need to state that I recommend them? (LOL!)  For sure they have a client for life!


-Juana Plata

Voiceover Actress

Smudged Prntz…is a class act!  Very professional and great at what they do!  I, Raj Kala, will hopefully be blessed enough to shoot with them again in the very near future!  Keep on rockin’ on Re’Nauta & Chris!


-Raj Kala


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twon jenkins wardrobe stylist

Big ups to Smudged Prntz…the most creative and professional duo in the business. As a stylist/designer it’s always a blessing when your working with artist that are able to take your looks and ideas to a completely different level than expected. Which is what you guy’s did on the I Am JMarie magazine shoot.  Thanks for the connect and allowing me the opportunity to do what I love. Can’t wait for the next project.


-Twon Jenkins

Wardrobe Stylist / Designer

I have used Smudged Prntz Photography on several shoots and they always exceed my expectations. Very professional and reliable. They meet all deadlines every time.


-Bolton Whyte

Magazine Owner

smudged prntz smudged by r bell avant garde magazine cover
smudged prntz smudged by r bell smudged guys

Chris and Ren do an amazing job!  Their photos are creative and well composed.  They literally transformed my likeness into a work of art.  As a photographer myself, I am genuinely inspired by their technique and professionalism.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for cutting edge, high-end, professional photographs.


-Tony Bell


Where to even begin. They are absolutely UH-mazing. Working in the entertainment business I’ve had my make up and hair done and styled for years now and they just blew my mind. So creative. So talented. I wish I could give them 10 stars. They make you feel so comfortable so any nerves are left at the door.  Just amazing.


Shauna Galligan

-Stunt Woman / Body Double

shauna galligan smudged by r bell
get smudged

As a person who does NOT love to get my picture taken, I decided I might want to have a few really cool photos of myself for when I am old lady. I scoured the internet for local photographers for over a year before I stumbled on Smudged Prntz. One glace at their portfolio and I knew they were what I was looking for. Bold, beautiful colors and truly unique concepts.

I thought it was cool that it was ran by a husband and wife team. They send you a few questions to answer before your shoot to get to know you. I nervously anticipated my shoot and I was warmly greeted by Re’Nauta who started off by doing my make up. Chatting with me the whole time and calming my nerves. When it was time for the shoot I was super nervous but Re’Nauta, being a model herself, gave me some tips on looking “fierce”. Her hints were so helpful. She is like super woman, she shoots, does hair/make up and gives tips and tricks!

I was also lucky enough to be shot by Chris. He took his time and I felt like he was very thoughtful with his shots. They were both so personable. Giving you positivity the whole time and also showing you their shots on their digital camera as they go. Once the shot wrapped, I felt like we had known each other forever!  When I got my final product I was floored, I didn’t know I could look that good!  They did just enough retouching which is something I wanted with my shoot. I couldn’t recommend them more.

This isn’t your plain jane, Olan Mills experience. This is art that is all about bringing out the real you, the really funky you and the super beautiful you. Go to them! Be their muse!


-Rachel McMullen

Creative Director