Smudged by R. Bell Shoot with TBQ Photography

This collection is a result of the collaborative efforts of Smudged by R. Bell of Smudged Prntz Photography and TBQ Photography based out of St. Louis, MO. (All photos belong to Joel Lester of ©TBQ Photography) 

Re’Nauta and TBQ Photography owner, Joel Lester, teamed up with French model, Gwenna, to create a clean yet creatively beautiful set of imagery.  Not to distract from Gwenna’s natural beauty, the team opted to give her a more subtle and softer look without completely deviating from the “Get SMUDGED” fine artistry.




Gwenna has very coily, natural curls so we decided to give her a strikingly different look by taking her daily wild mane to a smooth, sexy coif.  To complement her glowing skin tone and light hair color we painted her in cool blue tones and warm purple hues.  This color combination paired beautifully with her distinctive transformation.

TBQ Photography Joel F. Lester: Photographer

We ended the shoot by pulling all of Gwenna’s hair back to reveal her striking bone structure.  She’s a model that doesn’t need distractions to embellish her natural beauty.  Below is the manifestation of our creation.  Enjoy.

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