Casting Full Time Stand-In Jobs!

catrett locke


We are casting for some very specific heights/weights and ages.  Some of these are long-term stand-in jobs, so please make sure you are available for the dates listed before you apply!  

Burch (Ages 18 to 30’s) 
Asian Female (or Asian-Mix) 
5’6 to 5’8 and between 100 and 110lbs 
Needed Sept 2nd-6th 

Marlena (Ages 18 to 20’s) 
Blonde, Caucasian Female 
Medium to Long Hair 
5’7 to 5’8 and between 105 and 115lbs  
Needed Sept 2nd-6th 

Eve – Really Tall Female (Ages 40’s to 50’s) 
Light Brown Hair, Caucasian Female 
6’1 to 6’2, Size 8-12 
Needed Sept 2nd-6th 

Sean (Ages 18 to 20’s) 
Caucasian Male, Brown Shaggy Hair 
5’11 and Slim to Medium Build 
Long term stand-in job. Works Sept 8th-Dec 9th 

Becca (20’s) 
Blonde Caucasian Female 
5’3, 20’s, Size 0/2 
Long term stand-in job. Works Sept 8th-Dec 9th 

Paige (20’s) 
African American Female, 
Light to Medium Light Skin Tone 
5’4, Size 4 
Long term stand-in job. Works Sept 8th-Dec 9th 

Jaime (Ages 18 to 20’s)) 
Caucasian Male, Dark Brown Shaggy Hair 
5’11 to 5’12, Slim Build 
Long term stand-in job. Works Sept 8th-Dec 9th 

Melanie (Ages 18 to 20’s) 
Caucasian Female, Medium Brown Wavy or Curly Hair 
5’5 to 5’6, Weight 130, Size 4/6 
Long term stand-in job. Works Sept 8th-Dec 9th 

To apply for any of the jobs listed above, please email your exact height, weight, age, and phone number as well as three current pictures Please choose the name of the character that is above the description for your subject line. 

DID YOU KNOW? Stand-In jobs pay higher than normal background work & they are often a more reliable source of income because stand-ins tend to work more days. Contrary to popular belief, stand-In jobs are not JUST for experienced stand-ins as we sometimes are willing to train experienced and dependable extras if they look like the actor. For more information to get started on standing in, please reference or “The Universal Guide to Standing In For Major Motion Pictures” an e-book on Amazon, by Matthew Eldridge. 


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