Brittnee Camelle of NBC’s “The Voice” Shoots with Smudged Prntz

Smudged Prntz Photography had the pleasure of meeting with and shooting the lovely Brittnee Camelle of NBC’s “The Voice”.

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 (Click HERE to see Brittnee Camelle perform on NBC’s “The Voice”)

Brittnee Camelle not only has a powerfully, beautiful voice but she also has a charming disposition to match.  Take a peek at some of the good times had by all during the shoot.

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After losing her grandfather and finding out her mother has fibromyalgia, Brittnee put her music career on the back burner and began to pursue a nursing degree. With her mother’s condition stabilized, Brittnee has decided to give her true passion, music, one more shot.

As you can see, Brittnee Camelle is a natural on in front of the camera whether she is modeling or singing.  She is a true performer who expresses her talent through her heart.  This is evident when she performs.

Follow Brittnee on Twitter at @MissCamelle


behind the scenes


behind the scenes




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