Like A Lion March 2014 Beauty Issue


Being that Smudged+Prntz literally lives in the studio, this photographic exploration published in the 2014 March Beauty Issue of the Australian Like A Lion Magazine was comprised after the kiddos went to bed and wine was poured. The beauty of “living the dream” is that, because you have encompassed your goal in every aspect of your life, you can use your God given talents whenever you want. A late night, a bottle of wine, two lovers, and one collective, cloud-like mind were the catalysts for this project.

It isn’t very often that Mr. Prntz allows himself to “Get SMUDGED” but when he does the outcome is always epic and a true sign of love, devotion, and mainly trust.

Smudged closed her eyes, dipped the brush in the paint, and moved. Prntz accepted the circumstance and allowed the ritual to take place. Getting smudged is just that…a ritual. It’s an exploration into who you are, who you’d like to become, and how you show the world your desire. Sometimes you don’t know where you want to go but when you just “allow it to happen” it’s always a beautiful experience.

When you “Get SMUDGED” it’s an organic, spiritual, physical, and almost ethereal experience. It’s real and tangent but transcendent at the same time which allows your mind to fly, flourish, and frequent all of the boundaries of the unknown within yourself.

As Smudged+Prntz worked seamlessly and fluidly together, a picture appeared that wasn’t there before. The beginning of time manifested itself before us and the creation story was told. The truth about who we are and where we came from was revealed and it was so beautiful that we almost cried in love with each other.

If you are a photographer or an artist and you have never understood why you haven’t been published, it’s because you forgot to include your bared soul. Add your vulnerability and the world is yours.

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