The Powerhouse

Smudged Prntz is an Atlanta based creative company formed by the duo, Re’Nauta & Chris Bell, who work in a variety of fields including photography, makeup artistry, video, and art direction.  They are artistically bright, technologically sound and strategically in-tuned.  With their foundation built on the power of great ideas, they often find themselves collaborating with Publications, Corporations, Small Businesses, Consumers, Models & Actors.  We are a family of creative visionaries.


What We Do

We create art!  We use a hands-on approach to expertly bring ideas to life and build the ultimate photography experience.  Your body is the canvas and we can totally transform you into something completely out of our imagination.  We love to explore powerful color combinations and bizarre concepts.  Creating effective, timeless and visually stimulating work is our commitment to you.

What We Expect

We take immense pride in our work as well as our ability to communicate with our clients.  As our client, we welcome you to get excited, communicate, and trust us.



Our approach is one of clear ambition and fearless creative risk-taking.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and we produce original work befitting each unique client, working with small and large budgets alike.  When overseeing original projects from concept through realization, we direct our clients through every step of the creative process.  Satisfaction with the result of the creative collaboration between the client and us is our measure of success.


Our Clients see us as partners. We are vested in the success of your image because we care.  Not only do we collaborate with our clients, Smudged Prntz brings on board some of the most innovative creative talent should their involvement fit the concept.  We believe great collaborations result in the best work.  We understand photography and know how to define and re-define visual and creative identities.  Talk to us, you’ll be glad you did…