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The value of good taste is disappearing and much of the “avant-garde” art of today simply has no meaning, rhyme, or reason.  Smudged Prntz Photography is the opposite of that.  When we work for you, we aim to create the essence of what you want, what you desire, who you are, and what you represent in a visually beautiful output of vigorous and tenacious downpour.

Smudged Prntz Photography is a creative imaging agency who provides bespoke artistry to  companies both large and small.  We help to articulate their vision, mission, and story through professional and personalized photography created with an other-worldly aesthetic.  Smudged Prntz Photography offers high quality fine art which can be used for marketing, advertising, and editorial purposes. Our works are handcrafted to reflect brands, cultures, and visions that grace the walls of venues, hotels, malls, business workplaces, and airports.

Smudged Prntz Photography operates out of two spaces:  a fully equipped 1400 square foot residential studio for smaller projects and we also shoot in commercial size facilities depending upon the scope of the project at hand.

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Smudged Prntz Photography isn’t for everyone.  It is only for the fearless.  Since you are here, we assume you are the kind of person who isn’t afraid to make a statement, who is always in charge of their destiny, and is a leader.  If we are correct about who you are, then you are a risk taker…and we accept you.  Welcome.

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