About Smudged Prntz

All About SMUDGED + Prntz: A Family That Loves to Create

Smudged Prntz is a creative photography & makeup artistry studio where we literally paint pictures and tell a story using your body as the canvas.  We are self-taught creative visionaries with the majority of our works inspired by lucid dreams, meditations, and our philosophical perspectives of life.  Together we work in a variety of fields including photography, makeup artistry, video and art direction.  Our in-home studio (nicknamed Arhaus Studio) is a one-stop set up to take care of all of your needs no matter how big or small the project.  As a husband and wife team working side by side, we are a close knit family with a strong belief in creative expression, so don’t be surprised if you see our kiddos involved and directing their own projects in our studio.  For us it’s business as usual.  Read on to learn more about Smudged Prntz Photography.

Our approach is one of clear ambition and fearless creative risk-taking.  We pride ourselves on being flexible and we produce original work befitting each unique client, working with small and large budgets alike.  We love to explore powerful color combinations and bizarre concepts.  When overseeing original projects from concept through realization, we direct our clients through every step of the creative process.  Creating effective, timeless and visually stimulating work is our commitment to you.

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What We Do

We create art!  We use a hands-on approach to expertly bring ideas to life and build the ultimate photography experience.  Your body is the canvas and sometimes we will throw paint on you, draw on you, glue random objects to you, or totally transform you into something completely out of our imaginations.  Creating effective, timeless and visually stimulating work is our commitment to you.  We operate in a NO JUDGMENT-PROFESSIONAL-LAID-BACK & FUN environment.  Not only do we collaborate with our clients, Smudged Prntz brings on board some of the most innovative creative talent should their involvement fit the concept.  We believe great collaborations result in the best work.  We understand photography and know how to define and re-define visual and creative identities. As our client, we welcome you to get excited, communicate, and trust us.

With our foundation built on the power of great ideas, we find ourselves collaborating with Marketing agencies, Magazines, Musicians, Photographers, Consumers, Models and Actors.  We have done work for Covergirl {Taylor Swift Tour}, L’Oreal {OWN Network}, Tic-Tac, and Remy Martin, among others.  Our work has been published by print publications such as Bella Petite Magazine, Elegant Magazine, I Am JMARiiE Magazine, and Like A Lion Magazine.


Why Hire Smudged Prntz?

Instead of investing in only one specialty, taking a full service approach, we’ve developed specialized teams of people who are experts in different areas to collaborate with our company.  If you require more services beyond photography, makeup, and retouching, we are happy to assemble a dedicated team of experts such as creative consultants, graphic designers, stylists, artists, etc., specifically tailored to your needs.  We bring a left brain/right brain approach that covers creativity, strategy, and visual stimulation.  We serve as your single point of contact, orchestrating all involved parties so that you can relax and focus on your core business.  Here are a few reasons to let a One-Stop-Shop like Smudged Prntz take care of your needs:

We can handle everything for you in one place all while keeping the consistency of your image intact.  You have direct access to Photographers, Hair & MUA, Retouchers, Stylists, etc. 
One point of contact. One relationship to manage. We are with you throughout the whole process. 
We’re in it for the long haul and there when you need us! 
This isn’t our first rodeo.  We’ve worked with hundreds of clients providing photography, makeup, hair and retouching services. 
No tricks up the sleeve — just pure brain power to provide unique solutions. 
Straight to the point, up-front communication of costs, deliverables and expectations.